Saturday, 19 January 2013

Candles Galore!

Good Evening ♡

If you're over in the UK, have you been enjoying the snow? :) I embraced my inner 6 year old and created a snowman, woohoo! The chilly weather has given me a good excuse to bring out the candles I purchases the other day from my second home, boots!!!

They were in the sale - £12 reduced to £3! 'fragranced candles by Fearne Cotton'

Being totally honest I don't think I would have paid £12 for them as the candles themselves are quite small, but they just smell so gorgeous! PLUS, have you seen that tin!? It's just so handy for storage. In fact, I think i'm going to use it to store all my nail varnishes :)

I'm just in love with the smell of these candles! It's a gorgeous creamy vanilla smell and really makes the place feel cosy on a cold wintery day :)

Don't quote me on this but depending on where you are, you may be able to still pick up these candles in the Boots crazzzzy 75% sale. I think I mentioned this in my last post but Boots have some really fabulous deals on right now, I went a little crazy in there the other day, to have a look at my mini haul click here :)

Have you nabbed yourself any bargains recently? Let me know below :)


~lizzo xxx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Review

Helloooo ♡

So i've been using Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser religiously for over a year now, and I know there is so many raving reviews of the cleanser floating around the web but I have to agree with the liz earle madness! I just received this extra big pot of liz earle in the post in a cute little red box, like most of the cleanse and polish collection, it comes complete with 2 hot cloth cleansers :)

Firstly, I absolutely love the muslin cloths. They feel so much smoother and softer on your skin compared to your average flannel, and get rid of all the nasty dry and flakey parts of your skin in the process! The pump is great too, all you do is push down on the top and the cream comes out (best way I could think to explain it!) which is useful when you're getting towards the end, because you can make the most of each and every last bit!

The product itself feels so lush on your skin too, it doesn't smell strongly of anything, just fresh-ness! It works wonders if you use it regularly and as instructed. It feels slightly weird the way the whole thing works but once you get into the habit of it you'll be fine.

Although Cleanse & Polish is a little expensive (around £12 for an average size bottle) in my opinion the benefits heavily out way the cost, I noticed a difference in my skin within 2 weeks. I know Liz Earle isn't everyone's cuppa tea and some people simply don't like it - but for me, it blows every other cleansing product totally out of the window & since purchasing my first bottle i've never looked back!!

What do you think of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish? Have you tried any other Liz Earle products? Let me know below :)


~lizzo xxx

ps- I know some people are sceptical about buying Liz Earle because some bloggers who write fantastic reviews about it got there products free - I can assure you i've never had a free Liz Earle product this was 100% paid for and my honest view :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub Review

If you follow me on twitter you'll probably know that I am a huge lush fan. I love taking my time in the store, smelling all the different bath bombs, face masks, and cosmetics.

I'd wanted the bubble gum lip scrub for a while, and after reading some other positive reviews about it I decided to take the plunge and purchase it.
 I have to say it was a little pricey for £5.25 - but worth every penny none the less!

It smells gorgeous, and tastes it too! It almost acts as a lips exfoliator, as all you do is simply apply it too your lips, scrub and buff your lips to softness, and lick off any excess before applying your usual favourite lipstick or gloss. If you suffer from flakey skin on your lips this is a great product as the scrub clears it up leaving your lips feeling (and tasting) fresh and delicious! In the past i'd always over looked this product, but it's definitely a product worth buying :)

Are you a lush fan? What's your favourite product? Let me know :)

~lizzo xxxx