Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mac Lipstick Review | Sheen Supreme Bare Again

picture - dollspark
I'm not a fan of airports and traveling, but one thing that I always look forward too when flying is browsing the duty free for bargains, and luckily for me (not so lucky for my bank balance) when I was last at an airport I found myself in MAC,and so I finally decided to pick up one of the 'Sheen Supreme' collection - Bare Again.

The feel of the lipstick is creamy but not overly so, and I didn't feel the dry effect that regular mac lipsticks can be known for. 

The sheen supreme collection is described as a combination between lipgloss and lipstick and I couldn't really put it better myself, it has an undertone of gloss but plenty of pigmentation to make it a lipstick.

I can't wait to venture out more with mac lipsticks and go for some braver autumn/winter shades :)

L x