Thursday, 21 July 2016

Holy Grail: Mary Lou Manizer

My next few posts will be a number of holy grail products which are undeniably some of my favourite purchases - it will come as no surprise to many that I am kicking off my holy grail products with Mary Lou Manizer by 'The Balm'

I am a huge fan of the balm in general, in particular their eyeshadow pallets and over shadows - but without a doubt my favourite of their products is the famous Mary Lou Manizer.

Some have compared it to a 'drugstore' version of Jaclyn Hill's Becca highlighter in champagne pop, yet having tried both I have to say regardless of price Mary Lou takes the highlighting crown for me.

I know many people are unphased by packaging but personally for me it is a huge factor in if I pick up and purchase a product! Perhaps this is a judging a book by its cover approach but I can't help but be drawn in by intriguing stylish packaging, something the balm certianly achieves in. All their branding and packaging is to die for and certainly makes opening balm deliveries the extra bit exciting.
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The product itself does not disappoint either, its pigment and shimmer is outstanding and looks incredible on the top of cheek bones for a glam makeup look. For extra pigmentation I have also found that applying setting spray to either the upper cheek bone OR your highlight brush then applying mary lou works amazingly well, the highlight is extra strong and looks incredible when you apply it this way.

Mary Lou Manizer works amazingly as a highlight but it is also multi purpose - it can be used effectively as a gorgeous eyeshadow colour too. (which sells the product) describes it as a "Three-in-one highlighter, eyeshadow, and all-over shimmer" which is certainly true. Many beauty gurus over on youtube have amazing tutorials in how to use the product as not only a highlight but also a general shimmer and eyeshadow. 

Don't let the hype surrounding this product put you off - it really does live up to it's expectation!

You can purchase it on superdrug, feel unique and debenhams among other places. 

Have you tried out Mary Lou Manizer? Let me know if you liked it as much as I did :)

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